How We Help

At we will help you to understand all the aspects that pertain telemedicine and its adoption and implementation. Getting started with telemedicine does not have to be expensive as some practitioners tend to think. Nowadays, almost every doctor has in place a broadband access therefore the basic infrastructure required is already in place. All you need is a simple web camera and a secure portal that will be linked to your electronic records. We will help you through the following ways;

  1. How to get the Best Telemedicine Equipment

We will guide you through the step by step process of drawing a plan for the adoption of the telemedicine equipment. Through that you will get to determine how the telemedicine program can fit into your usual program. You will also evaluate how much of your time and that of your associates you may have to commit to the telemedicine practice. You also need to understand whether it will be necessary to have a central hub for teleconferencing or not. We will help you evaluate all that relate to telemedicine and see whether it will be suitable for your practice or not.

  1. Return on investment

A telemedicine practice can serve as an additional income source for your practice. It is one of the best options for patients who do not get time off their work schedules so as to see their physicians. It is gaining popularity with many patients and doctors alike. The installation and use of telemedicine equipment machines may take up some substantial amount of money but a proper plan on how to get a return on your investment can help you get a huge benefit from the practice. We will train you on how you can plan well and get a return on your investment within the shortest time possible.

  1. Save time

Telemedicine practices are ideal for follow-ups, management of chronic conditions and management of urgent care visits. As a patient you may find it extremely challenging to keep going for face-to-face encounters with your doctor with regard to these conditions. By adopting telemedicine equipment into your practice you will not only save a lot of time for your clients but you will also benefit as a health practitioner. We will guide you on how best you can make use of the telemedicine equipment and get to save time. Proper management of your schedules using telemedicine applications can enhance your patients’ experience.

  1. Understand legal challenges that face telemedicine physicians

Many physicians are not familiar with telemedicine and thus they face a lot of legal challenges with regard to this subject. We will help you understand all the legal aspects that affect telemedicine practices which include the following;

  • Licensing-with telemedicine practice state borders are rendered irrelevant. However physicians are limited to states where they are licensed. Different state laws apply to their practice within their state and you need to know.
  • Malpractices may rise with telemedicine and thus you need to know
  • Consent-you need to understand the legal aspects that relate to consent whether verbal or written
  • Others-you need to also know of any other regulations that affect telemedicine practice.