What to do

  • Research so as to avoid overspending or purchasing equipment which you may not need or cannot use.
  • Get an estimate of the amount of time that you and your associates are willing to commit for telemedicine.
  • Identify the location where the equipment will be established and try to figure out how you intend to get your return on the investment.
  • Carry out a research on the best industry practices and consider which procedures are reimbursed and which ones are not.
  • Conduct a research on patient opinions so that you can get to understand how you’re your patients are or not interested with telemedicine. Some may prefer in-person visits since they may not be familiar with telemedicine. To get acceptance of telemedicine practice make an early communication with your patients.
  • Set clear expectation with your staff so that everyone can understand how his or her job will be affected. Consider if they are willing to adjust and adopt the technology.